Thursday, January 7, 2016

Chores = Independence=Personal Responsibility

I am able to observe many parenting styles during my day as the director of our little school.  I love to see how parents interact with their children.  I am a firm believer that there is not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL style of parenting.  What works beautifully for my family, might be a nightmare for someone else's.  But what I do believe and preach often is three qualities that we MUST instill in our children:
1) Respect for Authority
2) Self Control
3) Personal Responsibility

I've touched on the first two in previous posts, but I've been thinking a lot about #3 lately.  I think that may be one of the problems our society is facing.  Lots of folks will not take responsibility for their own actions.  Perhaps they were never taught at home as children.  We've been seeing the case of the "Affluenza Teen" on the news.  That's simply a case of never learning personal responsibility.

So what can we as parents do to teach personal responsibility?  One word...CHORES!  It's pretty simple really!  I found this image online, of an example of chores broken down by age.
Even kiddos as young as 2 years old (and even younger) can do simple chores.  Here at school, the teachers don't clean up their centers.  The students are responsible for picking up the toys from the floor/table and put them in the correct container, etc.  We are trying to instill the sense of personal responsibility in them now.  

One thing that has helped my daughter was a list.  We had and still have a list of the things she must do everyday when she gets home from school...unpack her lunch box, homework, make sure her room and bathroom is straightened, bring her hamper to the laundry room, etc etc.  Her list has grown over the years!  Her grandparents often pick on us about child labor!  But we are praying that these chores now will lead to a lifetime of her being a responsible adult with a strong work ethic.  I think it will also teach gratefulness and a sense of pride.  Think about how you feel after you complete a project at home or work.  You are able to look on it and feel proud about a job well done!  

As always..these are just some of my thoughts.  I want my AFDS kiddos to grow up to be strong, confident, good citizens, responsible and respectful!  And I know you do too!