Friday, March 7, 2014

Read Alouds

At AFDS we stress reading!  We are a part of the Texas School Ready Program. We are using the Scholastic curriculum. With this program, my staff has learned how to successfully implement Read Alouds into their daily schedule.   Every day each teacher does at least 2-3 Read Alouds. This is an interactive conversation between the teacher and the students.  With this grant program, we received invaluable training. Along with this we received a Circle Manual. This manual was developed by the Children's Learning Institute. In this manual it gives the rationale for Read Alouds. 

-promotes an enjoyable experience with books
-motivates children to want to read
-provides a good model of fluent and expressive reading
-helps develop a sense of story
-builds background knowledge
-builds comprehension
-increases concept and vocabulary knowledge
-provides opportunities to hear and understand a more formal language and
-inspires writing!

We use a Read Aloud Chart to go along with each book:

Because we believe that reading is the single most critical activity for later success, we also include books in all of our centers!  We try to read a variety of genres, read in small and large group settings, and teach vocabulary from the books we are reading.  As you can see from the photo above, we put the vocabulary words in the read aloud chart.  We further teach the children about the parts of the book (cover, spine, title) and the jobs of the author and the illustrator!

Is reading a vital part of your daily routine??


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